France Dec 2019

Les Journées Liminales (Liminal Days)

December 14-19, 2019

Ardèche, France

Welcome to the second edition of Liminal Days! Five days of practice, guided by teachers we love, sharing their unique visions of Authentic Movement.

Alton Wasson (United States) and Céline Gimbrère (Holland) will each offer daily morning workshops. Afternoons will be dedicated to sharing and integration. Marie Marchand, Caroline Zenatti, and Mandoline Whittlesey are the coordinators of this gathering.

Liminal Days also includes:

A practice of contemplative movement in the morning and animated evenings (discussions, open practice spaces, AM ball). Mornings in silence and a gorgeous location, in the heart of the Ardèche forest: the Domaine du Taillé. Full room & board, offering time and space!

These days are designed for people who are already practicing Authentic Movement, so that everyone’s experience sets the foundation for a shared space. The opportunity to deepen and renew our perspective on the practice, to question the contours and the framework, to celebrate the potential!

Cost: 590 euros total

Practice (workshops, morning and evening practices: 350 euros

Full room & board (5 nights + all meals, vegetarian and prepared with love): 240 euros

We will also need 3 volunteers in the kitchen, who will only take the morning workshop and help prepare dinner, for a full cost of 440 euros – contact us if you are interested or can recommend someone.


Arrival on Saturday, December 14, 2019, in the afternoon, first meal shared in the evening and introductions in the big dojo. Departures on Thursday, December 19, 2019, from 5pm onwards, or the next day.

When registering online, each person will choose between the two morning workshops (Céline and Alton). These will be conducted simultaneously in the large and small dojo, for the duration of the stay.


The Domaine du Taillé, nestled in the forest of the Ardèche hills, is a beautiful retreat center perfectly suited for rest, contemplation and connecting to nature.

More info about the workshop, the teachers and how to register:

To register, please send an email, with your phone number and your first choice of morning workshop (Alton Wasson + Céline Gimbrère).

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